Waves, Electricity And Magnetism: Experiments In Physics Downloa

Waves, Electricity and Magnetism: Experiments in Physics

by Claudio Oliveira Egalon

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This e-book describes a series of experiments in Waves, Electricity and Magnetism for high school and undergraduate students




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Publisher: Claudio Oliveira Egalon; 4 edition (August 28, 2016)
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Waves, Electricity and Magnetism: Experiments in Physics Claudio Oliveira Egalon








4 10 Hour 1 DC Circuits Hour 2 Kirchhoff's Loop Rules Chapter 6 (PDF) Chapter 7: Sections 7.1 through 7.4 (PDF) (PDF - 1.2 MB) (PDF) 205B20.33 Pith Balls in a CageCharge up a cylindrical shell with acrylic/silkPerform 5B10.53 "Extent of Electric Field" above, then cover the electroscope with the Faraday cage and show that the electroscope no longer responds.[Set-Up Time: 10 min.][Current Condition: Good]5G50.50 Magnetic Levitation -- Meissner EffectA small magnet will float over a superconductor cooled with liquid nitrogen.[Set-Up Time: 10 min.; Must request one day in advance to get liquid N][Current Condition: Good]5G - Magnetic Materials5.22Dielectric material in a alternating electric field


5K40.1 Large AC and DC Motor / Generator ModelsTwo very large demonstration models, complete with arrows showing the direction of the magnetic fieldDraw large sparks, or light a fluorescent bulb in the vicinity of the coil34 Problem Solving Session 10: Interference When the current is off, the two pieces are still difficult to separate, but once apart they no longer attract.[Set-Up Time: 10 min.][Current Condition: Good]The wire jumps out when current is passed through it.[Set-Up Time: 10 min.][Current Condition: Good]1.1Introduction 1.2Triboelectric Effect 1.3Experiments with Pith Balls 1.4Experiments with a Gold-leaf Electroscope 1.5Coulomb's Law 1.6Electric Field E 1.6.1Field of a Point Charge 1.6.2Spherical Charge Distributions 1.6.3A Long, Charged Rod 1.6.4Field on the Axis of a Ring Charge 1.6.5Field on the Axis of a Uniformly Charged Disc 1.6.6Field of a Uniformly Charged Infinite Plane Sheet 1.7Electric Field D 1.8Flux 1.9Gauss's Theorem 5D40.1 Jacob's LadderJust like in 1930's horror movies! Two metal rods are arranged in a vertical V, and the potential difference between them is increased until a spark arcs across the base of the V20


Eddy Currents22 Problem Solving Session 7: Faraday's Law Chapter 10 (PDF) Makes a loud, bright impression.[Set-Up: 5 min.][Current Condition: Good]Tubes50If the radio is playing AM, the same levels are heard as without the mylarA small neon lamp will light when placed within the field of a Tesla coil5L - AC CircuitsModify, remix, and reuse (just remember to cite OCW as the source.) Learn more at Get Started with MIT OpenCourseWare 83fc8d264e


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